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11:00 Today
Ayashiya  ·  Chapter 8
Action, Shounen
Kazuya is a boy with special gift, an ability that could change the fate of the world, is highly sought after by the Youkai's. When…
11:00 Today
Hinamatsuri  ·  Chapter 76
Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural
From MangaHelpers: One night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta, a member of the yakuza. Inside the box is a strange young…
11:00 Today
Kingdom  ·  Chapter 555
Action, Historical, Military, Seinen
245 before JC in a western China country Sin Hyo and Shin are two orphans who aim to be general of army. They are training…
11:00 Today
Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru  ·  Chapter 21
Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
It details the life of a mid-rank soldier who died at the very end of the war against the Demon Race. Fortunately for him, he…
11:00 Today
Autophagy Regulation  ·  Chapter 185
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen
Ryan was an average human being. During an accidental event he received a power called “Blessing” Since then, his view of the world has radically…
11:00 Today
Dagashi Kashi  ·  Chapter 124
Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life
Shikada Kokonotsu's father owns a rural sweets shop, and his plan is for Kokonotsu to take it over one day. However, Kokonotsu wants to be…
03:00 Today
Star Martial God Technique  ·  Chapter 136
Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Shounen
In the whole world there lays twelve paths to climb Tower of God, and in legends these twelve pathways leads toward legendary road of immortality.…
03:00 Today
Nobunaga no Chef  ·  Chapter 89
Historical, Seinen
Ken is a modern-day chef who wakes up one morning in war-torn 16th century Japan. Faced with an impossible situation, he does what he does…
18 Apr, 2018
Detective Conan  ·  Chapter 1010
Mystery, Shounen
16 year-old Kudo Shinichi, a famous High school detective, treats his friend, Mori Ran to a theme park named Tropical Land. After solving a murder…
18 Apr, 2018
Golden Kamui  ·  Chapter 155
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Mature, Romance, Seinen
In Hokkaido, the far northern lands of Japan, Sugimoto survived the Russo-Japanese war of the Meiji era. Nicknamed "Invincible Sugimoto" during the war, he now…
18 Apr, 2018
Diamond no Ace Act II  ·  Chapter 120
Comedy, Drama, School Life, Shounen, Sports
18 Apr, 2018
Gyaru Yuri  ·  Chapter 49
Comedy, School Life, Shoujoai
18 Apr, 2018
BOZEBEATS  ·  Chapter 12
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
BOZEBEATS is a "priest expelling demons action" story that centers on a priest (b?zu) who lives alone on a strange mountain, when he meets a…
18 Apr, 2018
Goddess Creation System  ·  Chapter 16
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
Otaku Xiaxi committed suicide because a guy in a game exposed her true identity. However, she didn't die and instead time-traveled to a world with…
18 Apr, 2018
Mashira  ·  Chapter 23
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Tragedy
After 12 long years, a white-haired boy by the name of Iori comes back to Mashira village, the place where his childhood trauma began, only…
18 Apr, 2018
G-Defend  ·  Chapter 81
Military, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shounenai
Ishikawa Haruka is the 8th Instructor for the Japanese Diet Security Team and Anti-Terrorism Squad. The group has cycled through 7 Kyoukans in as many…
18 Apr, 2018
Witch Hunter  ·  Chapter 183
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Witches suddenly declare war against humans, causing two-thirds of the world to fall apart. They summon monsters called Supporters and devastate human residences... but why?…
18 Apr, 2018
Noblesse  ·  Chapter 507
Action, Adventure, Comedy, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
A vampire wakes up from a 820 year slumber in contemporary South Korea. As the being adapts to his surroundings, he accidentally enrolls at a…
18 Apr, 2018
Battle Through The Heavens  ·  Chapter 220
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance
In a land where there is no magic, a land where the strong make the rules and weak have to obey, a land filled with…
18 Apr, 2018
Sidooh  ·  Chapter 168
Historical, Martial Arts
During the political upheavals and social strife at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan (1855), two parent-less brothers Yukimura Shoutarou and Yukimura Gentarou…
18 Apr, 2018
Jagaaaaaan  ·  Chapter 38
Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural
Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a neighborhood police officer, lives with his girlfriend while working a job that is killing him slowly with annoyance. It looks…
18 Apr, 2018
Wu Dong Qian Kun  ·  Chapter 68
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen
On the Journey of Self-cultivation, One Requires Control of Ying and Yang , Good Fortune, To Reach for Nirvana, Mastery over Life and Death, Power…
18 Apr, 2018
Robot x Laserbeam  ·  Chapter 53
Drama, School Life, Shounen, Sports
A high school golfing manga that centres on a boy nicknamed "Robot" who encounters golf for the first time.…
17 Apr, 2018
Hajime no Ippo  ·  Chapter 1207
Action, Comedy, Shounen, Sports
Magunochi Ippo is an ordinary high school student in Japan. Since he spends most of his time away from school helping his mother run the…
17 Apr, 2018
Spirit Blade Mountain  ·  Chapter 284
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
There’s a mountain called Spirit Blade Mountain. Inside or by the mountain resides Wizards, also known as Spirit Blade Masters. Together they form the Spirit…